President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan on March 22 had a meeting with President of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations Lokesh Chandra who suggested that both sides should carry out specific programmes to foster their cultural connections.

Prof. Chandra proposed the opening of centres for Vietnam studies in India and similar facilities in Vietnam, while launching Vietnamese language faculties in India’s universities, thus facilitate mutual understanding and connections.

Nhan, who is on an official visit to India, thanked the Indian Government and people for their support to Vietnam during the country’s past struggle for liberation as well as current national construction.

He spoke highly of the growing cultural relations between the two countries, citing as example India’s help in restoring Cham towers in Vietnam and the grant of scholarships to Vietnamese students.

He said he believes that with the traditional solidarity and friendship as well as effective cooperation programmes, the Vietnam-India ties will become more fruitful in the future, meeting the aspirations and interest of both peoples.

The same day, the VFF leader paid a floral tribute to Indian late leader Mahatma Gandhi at his grave.

He also visited the Vietnamese Embassy in India, during which he urged the embassy to give more advices to and work closely with agencies at home to draw out plans to foster the economic-trade partnership between the two countries.-VNA