Vietnam attends int’l webinar on impacts of new world order on Asia-Pacific hinh anh 1Vietnam attends the international webinar on impacts of new world order on Asia-Pacific which takes place on June 16. (Photo: VNA)

Moscow (VNA) – An international webinar on prospects for a new bipolar world order and its impacts on Asia-Pacific took place on June 16, gathering leading scholars from Russia, China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Singapore and Vietnam.

The event was hosted by the Moscow-based Valdai Discussion Club.

Participating speakers shared a view that the tension is likely to linger in the Asia-Pacific region in the wake of rising US-China strategic competition.

Viktor Sumsky, the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO)’s ASEAN Centre Director, said the new bipolar world order is not compatiable to the regional development given that realising the dream of making the 21st century an Asian century is a big question.

What it is happening now could wreak havoc on the cooperation system that has existed in the region over the last more than three decades, he said.

The speakers widely agreed that regional powerhouses are less likely to engage in severe or direct military conflicts.

Despite that, clashes involving third parties is an actual risk which will concern regional countries, said Nguyen Hung Son, Director General of the Institute for East Sea Studies at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

He urged the powerhouses to take responsible actions and observe international laws while countries in the Asia-Pacific region should further expand areas of cooperation.

During the webinar, Russian and Asian speakers also discussed other pressing issues in the region./.