The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) and the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO) on August 9 held a seminar in preparations for the building of a legal framework for the management of climate change in Vietnam.

The seminar took place at the time when climate change continues to exert adverse impacts on Vietnam ’s economic sectors and natural resources.

Delegates at the event focused their discussions on the country’s shortage of a fully established legal system regarding climate change.

The ministry proposed the establishment of a national-scale database for climate change, improvement of legal statute and enforcement, and completion of legal documents, policies and mechanisms to enhance international cooperation as well as coordination between ministries, branches and localities.

Pro. Marie Claire Cordonier Segger, head of Economic Growth and Trade for IDLO, said with an effort to assist countries in coping with climate change, IDLO has committed to help Vietnam improve legal capacity and develop technical programmes so as to manage the impact of climate change and maintain efforts towards sustainable development, preserving natural resources and establishing a green economy.

The organisation has mapped out law-building measures in a range of areas such as reducing casualties caused by natural disasters and ensuring the safety of water sources, thus creating conditions for Vietnam to ensure environmental interests and access and attract foreign capital sources for climate change adaptation, the professor said.

Vietnam is one of the countries hardest hit by climate change, MONRE Deputy Minister Tran Hong Ha noted, adding that the country’s sea level is forecast to increase about 30 cm by mid 21 st century and 75 cm by the end of this century.

In that context, the ministry highlighted the need to combine coping climate change with sustainable development and a low-carbon economy, he noted.-VNA