The one-month exhibition “Faded with Time” at the Old Town Hall in Prague, Czech Republic, showcased 100 black and white photographs taken by Czech veteran photojournalist Jovan Dezort, including “Peace for Vietnam”.

For his photograph “Peace for Vietnam”, Dezort was awarded the first prize in an international competition organised by the International Journalist Association in 1973, when he was working as a photojournalist for the then Czechoslovakian News Agency.

“Peace for Vietnam” was taken in Hanoi when the US destroyed North Vietnam. His pictures did not show exploding bombs and battlefields, but showed how the war affected daily life for the people of Vietnam. The winning photograph shows a female militia fighting a hostile aircraft in a ground-to-air battle.

The exhibition “Faded with Time”, held from September 12 to October 14, features Jovan’s works in the 1960s and 1970s, and shows Prague and its transformation, daily life, celebrities, politics and current affairs, Czechoslovakian rural areas and his travels abroad.

Jovan Dezort, born in 1934, has won a number of awards in domestic and international photography competitions. He is famous for his natural shots of people’s daily lives.-VNA