A centre serving Vietnamese teaching for Lao people, which is the gift from the Vietnamese Government to Laos, was put into operation in Houaphan province on June 4.

During his visit to the Lao locality in 2013, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung decided to finance the construction of the centre.

Covering an area of 3 hectare in Viengxay district, the centre includes a two-floor building with eight classrooms equipped with necessary equipments and tools for teaching and learing, and other works such as yard, flower-garden and electrical and water systems.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment and d eputy head of the Vietnam-Laos Cooperation Subcommittee Nguyen Chi Dung highlighted the significance of the project, saying that it contributes to promoting connection in education and training between the two nations.

In his speech, deputy head of the Laos-Vietnam Cooperation Subcommittee Khampheuy Keokinnaly thanked the Vietnamese Party, Government and people for their comprehensive support to his country, stating that the project reflects traditional relations, solidarity and friendship between the two nations.

He asked Houaphan province to work with the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports and relevant ministries and sectors to design plans for effectively using the centre in the coming time.-VNA