Casinos are to be open to Vietnamese citizens aged 21 and above who meet certain background and financial criteria, according to the amendments to the draft decree on casinos that are currently under consideration.

The current regulations only allow foreign nationals and Vietnamese expatriates to play in casinos, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Finance’s Department of Finance and Banking Trinh Phong Lan told the media.

In mid-2013, the Politburo approved in principle a pilot scheme to allow Vietnamese nationals to enter the casino in Van Don’s exclusive economic zone in the northern province of Quang Ninh.

The country now boasts seven casinos, five small-sized and two large-scale ones.

In addition, the Politburo has also allowed calling for investment in casinos in Phu Quoc and Van Don’s high-end tourism complexes.

The 5 billion USD Van Don casino was funded by Tuan Chau Group and Australia’s ISC Corporation. Meanwhile, Phu Quoc casino, the first to be approved by the Politburo, has yet to find an investor.-VNA