Vietnam will come out victorious against COVID-19 with compassion and unity hinh anh 1Illustrative photo. (Source:
Da Nang (VNA) – Vietnam will come out victorious in the battle against COVID-19 with compassion and unity, Aaron Johnson, an American freelance filmmaker and Youtuber who has resided in Vietnam since 2013, told the Vietnam News Agency.

Johson got married to a Vietnamese woman and the couple is living in the central coastal city of Da Nang. He is renowned on Youtube for his video clips sharing interesting facts about Vietnam. He is also very active on Twitter and Facebook with thousands of followers.

He said he feels lucky to live in Vietnam during this time and always believes Vietnamese people will soon defeat the coronavirus.

Johnson was particularly impressed with the way the Vietnamese government and people are doing together to make sure that “no one is left behind” during the fight against the pandemic. He was surprised by the way the entire society, from each citizen to local administrations and top governmental bodies, stays united and adhere to COVID-19 rules.

Speaking from his experience, he said a hotline has been set up to help affected people in accessing food and other necessities; there are “rice” ATMs and “zero Dong” shops; and volunteers are making face masks and offering medical supplies for those in need.

The government has redoubled efforts to combat scammers and prevent price gougers from attempting to profiteer off the pandemic.

This makes him believe that no one is truly left behind in the pandemic and as long as Vietnamese people keep staying united, they would overcome all difficulties ahead to win the COVID-19 fight.

Johnson went on to say that as a foreigner, he has been receiving the same treatment as the locals, no priority nor discrimination, during the pandemic; and he feels lucky to be in Vietnam, a great place to go through the coronavirus crisis.

He said many of his foreign friends are interested in the life in Vietnam, so he tries his best to talk about Vietnam’s success stories via his Youtube video clips, to let them know that a developing, war-torn country like Vietnam can also create a good life for its people.

Vietnam’s fighting spirit has been on for generations. If Vietnam can win this battle, it will come out stronger than ever, he said.

He also revealed his plans to make a documentary about Vietnam’s effective COVID-19 fight, saying he was upset to read misleading information about it online. He hoped that via his social media channels, people from around the world will know Vietnam’s stories – fighting the pandemic by compassion and the power of unity.

The world must know about amazing things Vietnam is doing in this pandemic, he said./.