mRobo, the latest product of Vietnam’s high-tech toy manufacturer, Tosy Robotics JSC (TOSY) made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012, which took place in Las Vegas, US from Jan. 10-13.

With an introduction by singer Justin Bieber, mRobo impressed spectators with its innovative and interactive features.

The robot gives music and dance lovers the ability to enjoy their passions in a whole new way. Not only do they have a great new way to listen to their favorite songs but they also have a new partner to dance to their favourite music with, said Ho Vinh Hoang, TOSY's founder and CEO

Participating in CES for the first time, TOSY becomes the first company of Vietnam to join the international high-tech toy market.

Tosy Robotics JSC trademark has registered its copyright in more than 40 countries. One of its innovative products, Tosy AFO was voted as a prominent technological product in 2011 by the US “The Street” magazine./.