Vietnamese Prof. Le Thanh Khoi and French Dr. Philippe Langlet were presented the “Research” and “Vietnamese studies” awards by the Phan Chau Trinh Cultural Foundation in Paris , France on March 21.

Khoi, 90, received the honour for his dedication to the study of Eastern and Western cultures. He is the author of nearly 20 books and dozens of French-language newspaper and research articles on history, science, education and culture of Eastern and Western civilisations, including Vietnam .

Philippe Langlet, an expert in Vietnamese studies, was honoured for his excellent research contributions and introducing Vietnamese culture and history abroad. He has translated and written a number of important studies on Vietnam as well as forewords and footnotes in culture and history books.

The Phan Chau Trinh Cultural Foundation (formerly the Phan Chu Trinh Translation Foundation), named after a patriot who fought for national liberation, was founded in January, 2007.

It supports the translation of works in the “World Knowledge Quintessence Bookcase” project, encourages and honours special cultural studies, and popularises Vietnamese values and world culture. There are four award categories, namely “For the Cultural and Educational Career”, “Translation”, “Vietnamese studies” and “Research”.-VNA