Vietnamese people in Abidjan , Ivory Coast , are still safe and none were reported to be injured or robbed, the Vietnamese Embassy in Morocco , which is also in charge of Ivory Coast , has said.

The embassy said French forces in Ivory Coast on April 9 used military vehicles to evacuate the first eight Vietnamese people to a safe place in an area controlled by French forces.

On April 11, five other Vietnamese people were brought to the shelter of the first group.

The embassy has contacted a number of Vietnamese families in unsafe areas, advising them to prepare for evacuation once they are picked up by French forces.

According to the embassy, around 60 Vietnamese people and several French of Vietnamese origin were living and working in Ivory Coast , all in Abidjan city, when the civil war broke out in the African country.

To support and ensure safety for the Vietnamese community in Ivory Coast, the embassy had contacted the French Embassy in Abidjan and local authorised agencies asking for support for Vietnamese citizens./.