Like many other countries, Vietnam is entering the fourth industrial revolution with many opportunities and challenges, of which, the most challenging thing is human resources. Experts acknowledge that training in information technology and human resources to serve Industry 4.0 should begin with young generations.

Pupils of this class are only five years old.

It’s unlike other computing classes at school, the pupils are studying programming, one of three subjects of Industry 4.0 that have been taught widely in schools worldwide.

Instead of playing games, kids can create their own games – a new way of learning for many Vietnamese kids.

Nguyen Minh Son​, a pupil from Chu Van An Primary School, Hanoi said: "I like to study here, instead of playing games I can create my own games and play with my friends."

According to Nguyen Quang Huy, a lecturer of Creative Technology Institute TEKY, the subject gives kids a basic understanding of programming, after that they can study higher programmes such as programming language and designing programmes.

Creative Technology Institute - Teky is the first institute in the area for kids from kindergartens, founded by Dao Lan Huong who has worked in information technology for several years.

Dao Lan Huong, Founder of Creative Technology Institute TEKY told reporters: "I find that it’s a huge benefit for kids to start learning programming earl. It’s expected to help develop children’s logical thinking and computer usage skill as well as provingding them with essential knowledge that they need for Industry 4.0 . I have studied the latest models in the world, such as the US, the Republic of Korea, Singapore and China to develop Teky in Vietnam."

To date, Teky has more than 3,000 young learners in Vietnam. The team hopes more parents will understand programming should be learnt as other subjects like literature, math or English.

Huong and her team said that in 2018 they hope to help 10,000 pupils nationwide access programming.-VNA