Vietnamese traders lose 0.5 million USD to Russia trade centre blaze hinh anh 1Firefighters at the site ( Souce: Sputnik)

Moscow (VNA) – Vietnamese traders at a trade centre in Russia’s Kazan city may lose about 31 million rubles (about 0.5 million USD) to a recent blaze there, according to the Vietnamese Association in Kazan.

The blaze in Port trade centre in Orenburg street of Kazan city happened on June 5, destroying three buildings and 2,000 kiosks with total affected areas hitting 2,800 square metres. It was distinguished after seven hours with efforts of over 300 people. No deaths were reported, but property loss was big.

According to the association, more than a haft of 70 kiosks owned by 31 Vietnamese business households in the centre was completely destroyed, while the rest were seriously affected by trash and smoke that damaged all goods stored there.

Doan Danh Lam, President of the association said that on June 6, the owner of the centre, Bulat Nagaev, pledged to restore the damaged buildings in two months, while arranging spaces for the affected kiosk owners and supporting them with one-month rent.

Executive board of the association had a meeting on June 7 and decided to launch a charity campaign to support the Vietnamese households suffered from the accident.

At the same time, Altyn trade centre’s management board has offered free two-month rent to the Vietnamese people if they wish to move their kiosks to this centre.

Counsellor Nguyen Quynh Mai from the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia said that the embassy has kept regular contact with the Vietnamese Association in Kazan and local authorized agencies to seek measures to protect the right and interest of the affected Vietnamese business households and make a plan to call for assistance from the Vietnamese community in Russia. -VNA