Hanoi (VNA) – The youth in Vietnam is changing fast to adapt to the life in the Fourth Industrial Revolution amid the thriving digital transformation in the country.

In Vietnam the digital transformation process is being sped up in all social activities and in agencies and organizations. Particularly, individuals, especially youngsters, have also “upgraded” themselves to adapt to the new technological era.

New occupations thanks to technology development

In recent years, technology, electronic devices and the Internet have changed considerably, influencing the behaviours, habits and demands of the youth.

As a miniature society, all aspects of the social life have been posted on Facebook or Instagram. Vietnamese youngsters have shown their behaviours and information on the networks.

Today, instead of asking for phone numbers, one often asks for others’ Zalo/Facebook accounts. Moreover, statistics from Google show that 97 percent of Vietnamese users search for information via their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, making the online market a promising land for those who are aware of its potential.

Besides, the booming of advanced technology has led to the birth of many new occupations on the digital platform and social networks such as key opinion leader (KOL), Gamer and Steamer.

According to the white book on Vietnam’s e-commerce, as many as 77 percent of Internet users have shopped online at least once in 2019, mostly in the group of youngsters aged between 18-25.

A report from Q&Me market survey service supplier, smartphones have been prioritized for online shopping (63 percent).

Particularly, in the recent social distancing period, online shopping and payment surged as online channel can meet all basic demands of consumers without going out for shopping. Buyers can stay at home and choose everything they need with a smartphone connected to the Internet.

Similarly, entertainment demands have greatly changed. Instead of going to the cinema for watching movies, young audiences now tend to use online movie apps such as Ifix, Fim+ or Netflix. Instead of buying CD discs, they buy music on itune, Spotify and listen to the music through online platforms such as nhaccuatui.

Alongside, Internet service suppliers have continuously provided special data packages with attractive prices to meet entertainment demands of customers. With an Internet-connected smartphone, one has the whole world in the hand.

The “mobile smart device and data” combo

It can be seen that youths have caught the trend of digital transformation quickly thanks to mobile devices and data services. Access to social networks, online shopping, payment and entertainment can be made easily and fast thanks to this combo.

According to experts, the combo has become an unseparated part of the Industry 4.0 era. The use of mobile data is likely to surpass wifi thanks to its convenience at all time and anywhere. Therefore, mobile data is serving as a tool for young people to enter the digital era, while data suppliers have become one of the key factors deciding the speed of digitalization among users.

Recognising the importance, many suppliers have designed preferential data packages with the integration of online payment services, creating a wide and diverse online ecosystem.

MobiFone, one of the major data suppliers in Vietnam, has offered discounts of up to 20 percent for customers who pay online and presented data to those using 4G SIM cards, among other promotion programmes.

With affordable service charges, youngsters have been equipped with high-speed data packages, meeting the majority of their demands for shopping, studying and entertainment.

As part of efforts to accompany the Government and businesses during the national digital transformation, MobiFone has introduced various measures to speed up the process, clinching its leading role in caring for customers, helping Vietnamese people catch up with the world in the digital era./.