VietnamPlus launches new interface for foreign language versions hinh anh 1The new interface for the online English language version at (Photo: VietnamPlus) 

Hanoi (VNA)
- On September 11, the electronic newspaper VietnamPlus of the Vietnam News Agency officially launched the new interface for its foreign language versions, including English, French, Spanish and Chinese, affirming its position as a national online newspaper for foreign service.

The event was also part of activities to mark the 74th founding anniversary of the Vietnam News Agency (September 15, 1945-2019).

With the new interface, VietnamPlus continues to be the leading unit in applying advanced technologies to keep up with the trend of modern journalism in the digital transformation process set by the Ministry of Information and Communications, aiming to better perform its duty of disseminating external information assigned by the Party and State.

Focusing on developing mobile interface

To catch up with the common trend, VietnamPlus is focusing on developing mobile interface for news.

Accordingly, the new interface for foreign language versions on VietnamPlus was designed with many mobile device user-friendly functions.

In order to support readers in accessing and following information, the new versions use footed fonts for titles of articles (Times New Roman font). As a result, the information content is presented neatly with highlights.

One of the differences of this interface is the optimization of video content. This not only helps the website become more modern but also draws attention of readers.

Besides, the new interface has Chatbot app, which automatically interacts with readers, suggesting the most accurate information for readers. Through the application, readers can ask for information that they are interested in, and the system automatically recommends appropriate articles.

VietnamPlus launches new interface for foreign language versions hinh anh 2VietnamPlus organises a ceremony to mark its 10th founding anniversary and receive the second-class Labour Order on November 13, 2018 (Photo: VietnamPlus). 

Using artificial intelligence algorithm, Chatbot helps personalize users’ information based on the chatting history. Users can search news topics through typing keywords or voice recognition.

The new interface affirms the right direction of VietnamPlus in combining content and technology, updating and disseminating new world press trends. The integration of texts, photos, video clips and graphics in an article creates a so-called Mega Story.    

Promoting creative journey

The introduction of this new interface marks the advancement of VietnamPlus in applying technology to promote its development in the context of the fourth industrial revolution.

In early 2019, VietnamPlus officially launched a new interface for its Vietnamese language version, integrating advanced features of electronic newspaper.

This interface clearly shows the editorial office’s policy of balancing the political task with the information need of readers, without following unhealthy commercialization trends.

VietnamPlus launches new interface for foreign language versions hinh anh 3The Mega Story column on VietnamPlus's Chinese version  (Photo: VietnamPlus)

The new interface firstly shows formality, while highlighting its user-friendly feature. The most outstanding is the ability to customize.

For example, with important events attended by Party and State leaders, the new interface allows editors to enlarge images in full-size, highlighting the importance of relevant stories.

In an article, the columns of relevant and most popular news are placed in eye-catching positions.

One of the most outstanding features of the new interface is the selection of news/articles by region, with 63 provinces and cities as well as nearly 200 countries and territories around the world. For example, when selecting a locality, the system will form a sub-web displaying all stories about that locality.

Along with the Mega Story, the Photo News, Video News and Infographics are also displayed in prominent positions of the website.

VietnamPlus launches new interface for foreign language versions hinh anh 4The Chatbot application automatically interacts with readers of VietnamPlus (Photo: VietnamPlus) 

Officially making its debut on November 13, 2008, VietnamPlus is one of the key spearheads of the Vietnam News Agency in its strategy to become a strong multimedia complex in the region.

Over the last 11 years, VietnamPlus won high rankings at the National Press Awards for seven times in a row. Since 2012, VietnamPlus won three A prizes, seven B prizes and five C prizes at the awards.

It also won the first prize for the “Digital First” category at the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) in 2014 with the RapNewsPlus; and the first prize of the Organisation of Asia Pacific News Agencies (OANA) Award for Excellence in News Agency Quality for its Chatbot app in 2019.

VietnamPlus is also the first press agency in Vietnam that has officially provided pay-online news service from June 2018.

With its tireless efforts, VietnamPlus received the second-class Labour Order on the occasion of its 10th founding anniversary in 2018.

VietnamPlus’s RapNews about the East Sea issue presented in five languages won the first prize of the First National External Information Service Awards in 2019.

In July 2017, the Prime Minister approved a project to develop VietnamPlus into a national online newspaper for foreign service. This showed the recognition as well as the trust of the Party and the State in the Vietnam News Agency in general and VietnamPlus in particular./.