Vietnam will, for the first time, send military doctors to participate in the UN’s peacekeeping force. The doctors will travel to South Sudan to take over a field hospital of the United Kingdoms whose personnel are about to withdraw. After receiving intensive training over the past nearly four years, the doctors are ready to carry out its international humanitarian mission.

A patient with multiple serious injures is transferred to the field hospital. Upon arrival, he is immediately diagnosed with suspended breathing, cardiac arrest, and in need of intensive care.

This is a situation that the hospital will frequently encounter when they deploy to South Sudan to join the UN’s peacekeeping forces.

Founded in December 2014, the Field Hospital (level 2, no.1) is the first individual unit from Vietnam which will directly participate in UN peacekeeping forces. Therefore, the selection of eligible employees and training work has been well prepared by the Ministry of National Defence over the past almost four years.

The opening of the field hospital saw staff selected from the 175 Military Hospital, the 7A Military Hospital, the 7B Military Hospital, and the Army Corps No.4 Hospital.

Severe weather conditions in Africa are not only the only strenuous factor, there are also dangers that may arise from unexpected accidents and attacks from antagonistic forces, extremist troops, or racial and religious conflicts, among others.

Besides, other new tasks – such as professional training; foreign language; lessons on communication, psychology, and cultural behaviour in a new environment with higher requirements – are in place to ensure the safety of the peacekeeping force while securing missions of the field hospital.

63 officers, soldiers have well prepared and they are ready to carry out missions in South Sudan. The step has also mark a strong progress off the Vietnamese peacekeeping force while affirming the active policy of Vietnamese Government in international integration, contributing to international humanitarian tasks, keeping the world’s mutual peace and security. –VNA