Vietnam’s stock market witnesses historic year

A stock market is one of the “thermometers” of a country’s economy, and last year Vietnam’s market saw many ups and downs but still made historic breakthroughs, creating a solid foundation for 2021.

2020 witnessed the largest-ever cash flows into the market. There were 86,000 new stock trading accounts in January 2021 - the highest during the market’s 20 years of establishment. These figures reveal the major interest shown by investors in securities as an investment channel, especially new investors.

The rise of the securities market is said to be due to supportive policies from regulators, classifying securities as an essential industry. This contributed to a successful year.

After a year of tackling difficulties, the market has increasingly proven its role as a capital mobilisation channel and the leading investment channel in the economy.

In the new year, with new conditions and policies, the stock market is continuing to look towards historic milestones despite the unpredictable developments in the global situation given that the pandemic is yet to be brought under control./.