At first glance, Kymviet Coffee looks just like any other coffee shop. But it is a place where customers can only order their drinks by gestures, actions, and sign language for all the staff here are deaf.

Kymviet Coffee is a coffee shop in the Kymviet Space complex, which was founded by Mr. Pham Viet Hoai. Established in 2019, Mr. Hoai has opened 3 similar coffee shops in Hanoi, with all employees being deaf.

The cafe's menu has sign language beside each type of drink for customers to order. Each table has a button that lights up so the staff knows the customer needs assistance.

In addition, the cafe also has sign language cards, such as thank you, hello..., for customers to easily communicate with staff.

Not only limited to drinking coffee, at the Kymviet Space campus, but guests will also be able to go shopping for sophisticated crafts made by the special staff here…

Hoai's plan when opening these cafes is to create job opportunities for people with disabilities, and at the same time make a small contribution to changing the community's perception of the disabilities./.