Vietnam will launch an international initiative on a green economy for sustainable development in Hanoi in September, said a Vietnamese diplomat to the UN.

The initiative, which will be conducted in collaboration with the Netherlands Government, will focus on the role of the market and sustainable forest management.

At the 9 th session of the ongoing UN Forum on Forest in New York, Ambassador Bui The Giang, Deputy Head of Vietnamese Delegation to the UN, said that 2011 was announced by the UN as the International Year of Forest, and that forestry and sustainable forest management made an important contribution to sustainable development, poverty reduction and reaching development goals in Vietnam.

He added that forests have became an important factor providing solutions for many global issues, especially climate change, biodiversity, food security and energy supply.

Ambassador Giang said the international initiative hosted by Vietnam will help boost dialogue and cooperation to accelerate sustainable forest management and land use, which will help improve life in rural areas and development of small and medium forest enterprises.

The initiative is expected to affirm the role of international trade in accelerating sustainable management of land, particularly sustainable management of forest./.