Football fans hunt for World Cup jerseys every four years when the tournament comes around, and this year is no exception. Compared to previous seasons, even more shirts have been sold this year in Vietnam.


As a neutral football fan,  Ngo Trong Duc gets to pick his team, and this year he’s supporting  Germany.

He’s looking for the team’s jersey to wear during matches of the “Die Mannschaft”.

"I choose this Germany football team shirt, even though it’s not authentic but its price and quality are quite reasonable as I’m still a student," Duc said. 

The prices of jerseys vary, ranging from 2 to tens of USD, depending on the quality. An authentic jersey can cost more than 100 USD.

According to retailers, the number of buyers during this year’s World Cup is large. Sometimes, their shops can sell up to 200 shirts, especially those of strong teams.

Phan Thi Lan, sport wear shop owner in Trinh Hoai Duc street, Dong Da district, Hanoi, said "My shop sells  replica jerseys of Germany and Spain teams the most, sometimes our shop is out of stock for these models."

Other shirts from famous team such as France, the UK and Argentina are also popular.

Gia Ly Sa, another sport wear shop owner in Trinh Hoai Duc street said "People buy shirts to support their favourite teams, the number of sold shirts has increased remarkably but the prices remain unchanged."

According to Nguyen Quang Huy, a football fan in Dong Da district, Hanoi,"the model is very nice, and the prices are reasonable, I really like it, I support the French team, therefore I bought a French football jersey, I hope they will be this year’s champion."

Beside jerseys, national flags of participating teams are also another option for football fans to show their support.

These jerseys have helped to liven up the atmosphere for the world’s biggest game, helping to connect football fans.-VNA