Young artists are joining hands with others to preserve traditional culture. Painter Nguyễn Xuân Lam and a retailing company are one example. They are conducting a project to bring folk painting to fashion.

Tired City shop is located in a corner of Bao Khanh street, which is famous for souvenirs for tourists in downtown Hanoi.

The shop distinguishes itself from surrounding ones by the products that are deeply embedded with traditional culture. Each postcard, bag and item of clothing is made with folk painting patterns. Traditional, simple yet fashionable.

A customer, Nguyen Tung expressed his particular interest in Lam's designs, adding that the designs ​are embedded with folk culture but still very modern.

It is not easy to apply traditional patterns on modern textiles. But fortunately Lam and Tired City were successful on their very first attempt. Earlier, Lam had made a success with a project to re-draw folk paintings using graphic design.

Thanh Nam, a staff member of Tired City said: "Each hoodie here went through many stages, from graphic design on computer to sample printing and final product. It takes a lot of time and a certain artistic sensibility to make one hoodie".

Painter Nguyen Xuan Lam told reporters: "All the colours used in my designs are the same as those printed on folk paintings. I just made some adjustments to make them more eye-catching, thus suiting youngsters’ taste."

More than 100 hoodies were sold on the launch day, and they are now out of stock.

What is more interesting is that the products are popular not only among youths but also researchers who are choosy when it comes to cultural renewal.

According to Nguyen Thi Hoa, a cultural researcher, the key factor is colour. Lam uses the colours that suit the youngsters’ taste, which make it easier for the folk paintings to blend into modern life, she added.-VNA