Folk paintings are unique cultural feature of Vietnam. However, they have gradually lost their reputation due to social development. Vietnamese authorities have debated how to preserve and promote folk paintings for a long time. Fortunately, many young artists, with great passion for folk paintings, are reviving these stunning paintings.

Dong Ho and Hang Trong folk paintings have been popular among Vietnamese art lovers for centuries. However, they, as well as many others genres,are sinking into oblivion as many artists have given up the traditional art. Indeed, there is only one artist keeping the tradition of making Hang Trong paintings alive.

Aware of the threat facing folk paintings, some young artists are striving to revive them. Among those artists, Nguyen Xuan Lam has grabbed public attention due to his modern techniques to remake folk paintings. He uses graphics software to givethe traditional art a contemporary look. With his calendars, notebooks, bookmarks, and more, folk painting patterns have attracted many youngsters.

Miss Vietnam 2010 Ngoc Han prints Hang Trong paintings as patterns on her designs foraodai. It is an interesting way to preserve and promote folk paintings.

Paintings reflect the country’s development. Thus, folk paintings carry many prestigious cultural values of Vietnam. Young artists, like Lam and Han are bringing those paintings back to life and promotingthem to both domestic and international friends.-VNA