After years minding local farmers’ hardship and being motivated by the passion for mechanics, a young man in Chuong My District, Hanoi manufactured a multi-task farming machine which can be used on different terrains.

Easily ploughing soil, transplanting seedlings, spraying pesticides, or clearing weeds are outstanding utilities of the farming machine innovated by young farmer Ta Dinh Huy. The multi-task machine is truly a helpful tool for local farmers.

With his passion for machinery, after graduating from high school, Huy learnt to repair motorbikes.  In 2014, at the age of 20, Huy manufactured an agriculture machine with eight combined functions. Not contented with the achievement, Huy continued to study, then renovated another multi-task one, with 15 combined functions.

Up till now, Huy’s manufacturing shop receives some 30 orders monthly, generating jobs for a number of young local men.

With endless spirit of learning and desire to develop the homeland, young men like Ta Dinh Huy have helped contributing to sparkling youngsters’ aspiration to pursue their dream.-VNA