‘Zero dong’ and other cheap tours have lured a large number of visitors to the central coastal city of Da Nang in recent times. However, these tours also come with a headache for State management agencies.


For Da Nang city’s tourism sector, China is home to a large number of visitors with a high spending capacity and growth rate of 30-40 percent annually.

With the development of cheap tours, state authorities are required to keep control over their quality and payment methods in order to avoid cases of tax fraud, as well as protect visitors and the value of local destinations.

The city has recently issued a document requesting relevant agencies and localities to bolster cooperation and provide more prompt information in order to effectively prevent tax loss.

In fact, the tax department can now, for the most part, review corporate income based on their self-accounting services and reports, which can be used as a weapon for tax fraud.

Therefore the city’s authorities have also requested tourism firms, restaurants, and hotels to install cashier machines in order to make their financial operations more transparent. –VNA