13th National Congress proves CPV’s important contributions to int’l communist movements hinh anh 1Germany-based daily newspaper Lëtzebuerger Vollek published a story entitled “On the way of Ho Chi Minh” by Gerhard Feldbauer on the 13th National Party Congress. (Screen photo: VNA)
Berlin (VNA) – The 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) once again proved the contributions of historical significance the Party made to international communist and workers' movements after political changes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe from 1989 – 1990, according to Lëtzebuerger Vollek (zlv.lu).

Since then, the number of CPV members has doubled, from 2.5 million to 5.2 million at the moment, some 60 percent of them are young people, the Germany-based daily newspaper said in a story entitled “On the way of Ho Chi Minh” by Gerhard Feldbauer.

It reported that the congress ended after week-long discussions on reforms and the CPV’s major tasks on the path towards socialism.

The event was concluded one day earlier than planned as new cases of COVID-19 infection were found in the north, including Hanoi, last week, it said. Schools, bars and karaoke bars in the capital city have been shut down again since February 1. However, in contrast to the devastating impacts of the pandemic on other countries, the Vietnamese government has been doing relatively well to protect its people from the coronavirus.

It quoted a report delivered by re-elected Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong in the congress as saying on its socialist path, Vietnam, from an agriculture-dependent country, is striving to become the one with modern industry. With an annual growth of 6-8 percent, it is the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia, it said, adding that the country has also dedicated to strengthening cooperation with other Asian countries.

The newspaper also mentioned the closing remark by Trong, in which the top leader emphasised his commitment to stepping up the fight against corruption. Those are not just empty words, it said, as over the last few years, corruption combat has been Trong’s top priority which resulted in a number of high-profile officials, including two members of the Politburo, convicted and expelled from the CPV.

Redglobe.de, also from Germany, meanwhile, quoted the Party of Labour of Austria (PDA)’s statement, highlighting the CPV’s history and its bravery struggles against colonialism and imperialism which have inspired the oppressed and working class around the world. The PDA also highly spoke of Vietnam’s successful COVID-19 containment as the country remains a low number of COVID-19 deaths, saying it is the country’s biggest contemporary achievement./.