Singapore (VNA) – About 50 leaders of civil society organisations (CSOs) from 10 ASEAN countries have attended the third ASEAN Forum, which opened on March 14 in Singapore, to discuss ways to build the ASEAN Community of political and economic connection and shared social responsibilities.

Participants at the two-day event focused on seeking measures to boost ASEAN progress and improve welfares for people in the region through activities related to adolescent education, culture and information.

They will give ideas on building an action plan for the implementation of the ASEAN Vision 2025.

They will also discuss with ASEAN experts on the roadmap of the vision as well as opportunities of cooperation among relevant parties from both private and public sectors.

Elaine Tan, Executive Director of the ASEAN Foundation, said that the mobilization of CSOs in the building of the ASEAN Community is among key issues, as the organisations represent people’s voice.

Meanwhile, Huynh Hanh Phuc from the Vietnamese delegation, who is founder of the Teach for All organization that covers five countries of Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam, said that Vietnam wants to send a message that CSOs will seek a common voice to contribute to the building of a strong ASEAN Community in all fields, especially in education and culture.

Phuc and other delegates expressed their wish that different CSOs in the region access information on activities in each country to include them in the action plan of ASEAN ministers.

He added that the CSOs are seeking the engagement of talents from different sectors in education, while seeking investment from foundations in the world.-VNA