A library was established in Ho Chi Minh City to make it easier for local autistic children to integrate into society. It has catered for the demand for such a service.

A lack of reading and playing spaces designated for autistic children has created a huge obstacle in helping the group integrate into society. Thus such a library is a friendly environment to help autistic children open their hearts and interact with other people.

A parent of an autistic kid shared: "First of all, it is a playground. Secondly, it is a place where they have friends to interact with, which is especially important to these special kids."

Le Thanh Tuy Vi, a volunteer revealed that volunteers' work is to instruct autistic kids through games to know how to do teamwork and talk to other people and their peers.

The library offers a space and designated document system which suits the demand of autistic children between six and 20 years old.

According to Dang Thuy Hong, founder of the Library, the library was established to address the lack of a reading space for the kids. Besides a book library,​ they also hope to build an equipment library so that parents can teach their children.

Besides benefiting the kids, the library also provides parents with books and documents on raising autistic kids, which are rare and expensive in Vietnam. It also creates an environment for them to share experience in the field.

A playground for autistic children to meet and develop while receiving more love is what this special library aims to do.

The model is expected to be expanded so that the community will have a more open and sympathetic view of people with autism.-VNA