Forty-four children with foot deformities have successfully been treated as a result of a joint effort between the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho’s General Hospital and the International Extremity Project (IEP), a non-profit medical organisation.

IEP medical personnel from the US and Israel together with the General Hospital carried out 10 days of free examinations, surgeries and treatment for children under the age of six from all over the country.

The young patients are all in stable health condition.

In 2013, the foreign medical organisation offered checkups for 90 people and operations for 38 others.

The IEP provides support for humanitarian projects and supplies medical assistance to Vietnam through its missions in Can Tho. Their work aims to correct physical lower-extremity deformities and give disabled Vietnamese a new chance at life. IEP volunteer doctors perform surgeries, provide medical equipment and train Vietnamese doctors.-VNA