Cuc hoa mi or white daisies are often in full bloom in November, signalling the beginning of Hanoi’s winter. During this time, many people flock to daisy gardens to take photos with the flowers.

Daisy gardens on the bank of Red River in Hanoi these days are often crowded with people visiting and taking pictures with white daisies. Each person has their own way of posing as they want to capture beautiful moments with flower, which are only in full bloom once a year.

Visitors passionately pose individually or in groups. They don’t want to miss a chance to capture wonderful moments with the flowers.

Taking pictures with ox-eye daisies has become a trend, especially among young people. Flower gardens on the Red River’s bank often welcome 500-1,000 people per day. Entrance fees range between 50,000-70,000 VND

It is said each month in Hanoi is marked by the appearance of its own flower, offering an ideal time for locals to take photos with the blooming flowers as the seasons transition./.-VNA