Not many Vietnamese people are interested in listening or even have an insight into classical music as a stereotype that it is only for the upper class. Not to mention, a ticket to a classical music concert is not really reasonable to most of people. However, a free entrance concert in St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi has brought the chamber art form closer to public audience.


Cathedral Concert Series offers music lovers in Hanoi a wonderful free-of-charge experience of chamber music as it is held in St. Josepth’s Cathedral, a sanctuary of Catholics and also a major tourist destination in the capital.

Listeners to the concert are from different ages and social classes but they share one common love for music in general and chamber music in particular.

It’s the love for chamber music and passion about spreading it to Vietnamese audience that connect young artists, who spent numerous years studying and playing music in the Europre, in a community project called Maestoso.

Cathedrals have been long believed to be a religious venue for Christian believes; but now it has become a destination for music lovers in particular and Western culture in general in Hanoi.-VNA