China's resumption of group tours to Vietnam receive warm response

The Chinese Government's decision to add Vietnam into the list of countries that can receive groups of Chinese tourists from March 15 is expected to further promote the recovery and development of tourism and people-to-people exchanges between the two countries.

China was the largest tourism market of Vietnam before COVID-19 pandemic broke out. In 2019, Vietnam welcomed 5.8 million Chinese visitors, accounting for nearly 30% of total foreign tourists in Vietnam. Meanwhile, 4.5 million Vietnamese traveled to China in the year.

The reopening of group tours to Vietnam has been welcomed by Chinese people and travel firms.

Highlighting the sound collaboration in tourism between the two sides before COVID-19 broke out, the diplomat held that China's reopening of group tours to Vietnam will help the tourism sectors of both countries speed up their recovery and development, benefiting both sides and contributing to fostering friendship between the two nations./.