A play with a French and Vietnamese cast will be performed at the Hanoi Opera House on Dec. 14 and 15 and then tour France during 2012-13.

The play Andromake, written by Jon Fosse in an adaptation from Racine ’s L’Andromaque, has been staged by director Jean-Marie Lejude from France ’s L’oeil du Tigre troupe.

In this version, four French and four Vietnamese actors speak to each other in their native languages with Vietnamese subtitles.

“We decided to combine actors of the two countries with two different languages, creating only the language of artistry,” said Lejude. “It is amazing to cooperate in a drama between Vietnamese and French. Language is a human property whatever the language, and the family of all languages is music. Making the language musical is an illustration of cultural mix.”

“This is a real opportunity for audiences to enjoy a world-renowned classic stage piece,” said Vietnam National Drama Theatre director Le Hung.

The performance has been co-organised by the theatre, along with the French Cultural Centre L’Espace, the L’oeil du Tigre troupe, and the Paul Eluard Theatre. The performances will be part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and France in 2013.

Lejude is accompanied by stage designer Thierry Vareille and assistant director Marine Mane, who have worked with their Vietnamese partners for over a month. But this won’t be the first play directed by Lejude in Vietnam . Last year, the prestigious French director staged La Fontaine Fables for the 50th anniversary of the Theatre and Cinema College./.