Czech journalist debuts book on Vietnam hinh anh 1The book provides readers with an overall picture of Vietnam. (Source: VNA)

Prague (VNA) Pavel Herman, a Czech journalist, has published a book titled “Vietnam- past, present and future” which presents his views on the land, history, culture and people of Vietnam.

The book provides readers with an overall picture of the Southeast Asian country, from the nature and climate to its political system, administration, economy, culture and religions.

In his book, Herman has affirmed the role and leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) in the cause of national defence, building and development in Vietnam, while expressing his admiration for late President Ho Chi Minh.

The book devotes one part to the author’s study on the seas and islands of Vietnam.  Herman said the East Sea plays an important role in Vietnam’s economy as well as national defence and security.

The CPV and the Vietnamese State have attached importance to the maritime strategy, aiming to turn Vietnam into a strong nation based on its marine economy, and ensure the country’s sovereignty and sovereign right to seas and islands.

The journalist presented legal and historical evidence, and dozens of ancient maps proving that Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagos belong to Vietnam’s sovereignty and are an integral part of the country’s territory.

Mentioning disputes in the East Sea, Herman said the area has become a hot spot on the international map. He asserted that China’s reclamation and construction of man-made islands, and militarization have violated international law, increased tensions in the region and seriously threatened peace and stability in the East Sea.

He held that ensuring peace, stability, and safety and freedom of navigation and aviation in the East Sea is of special significance.

Concerned countries should push the settlement of disputes by peaceful measures on the basis of international law, he said.

Discussing the reform, integration and development process in Vietnam, the author stressed the sound decision of the CPV to implement the reform policy since 1986 until now.

Over the past 30 years of reform, Vietnam has recorded significant achievements in economic development, improving people’s living standards, ensuring social welfare, stabilising the political system and perfecting the legal system, according to the book.

The book describes the achievements as an important foundation for Vietnam to materialise its policy of multilateralization and diversification of international relations, extensive and intensive integration into the region and the world.

Herman highlighted Vietnam’s increasing prestige and position in the international arena.

Regarding the bilateral ties between Vietnam and the Czech Republic, the author emphasised the two countries’ traditional relationship and reviewed the bilateral cooperation in different areas, from politics, to economy, trade, culture and education.

He also praised the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic for their hardworking spirit.

Herman told the Vietnam News Agency that the socialist model in Vietnam, especially the country’s successful implementation of the reform policy, is an interesting topic.

The journalist said he wants to give readers a multidimensional view on the present disputes in the East Sea.-VNA