It is set to be a modern, smart ecological urban area and a worth-living city where national defence and security, and the country’s sovereignty over seas and islands are ensured.

 Tourism will drive the city’s development with different forms like maritime, ecological, community-based, cultural, historical and spiritual tourism, along with entertainment and shopping activities.

 Notably, Da Nang will focus on high-tech development with a total area of about 1,710ha, and forming the industrial clusters of Cam Le, Hoa Nhon, Hoa Khanh Nam and Hoa Hiep Bac, covering some 83ha.

 At the same time, it will roll out major transport projects, including one on upgrading and expanding Da Nang International Airport towards an annual capacity of serving 30 million passengers, and another on building Lien Chieu Port that can handle 50 million tonnes of cargo a year./.