Dak Lak enters Tet flower season

With the Lunar New Year 2023 fast approaching, farmers in flower growing areas of the Central Highlands’ province of Dak Lak are busy harvesting their Tet flowers. Traders are also arriving to buy the flowers for sale in other localities.

In the days leading up to the Lunar New Year, or Tet, holiday, the flower growing area of Buon Ma Thuot city is all hustle and bustle. Growers and traders are busy harvesting and transporting flowers to meet rising demand in the final days of the year.

In the Nhat Tan peach blossom growing area of Dak Lak province, farmers are excited this year because most trees have already been ordered by traders at a higher price than in previous years.

After a couple of years grappling with COVID-19, the Lunar New Year flower market in 2023 is seeing positive signs. Flower growers and traders all have high hopes for the Tet flower crop, to improve their incomes for the year./.