Dak Nong preserving traditional long houses of Ede people

Buor hamlet in Tam Thang commune, Cư Jút district, in Dak Nong province is one of the oldest of the Ede ethnic people in the Central Highlands. But the hamlet is at risk of becoming a shadow of its former self as the number of traditional long houses continues to dwindle.

There are only about 20 traditional long houses in Buôr hamlet, of which only 6 have retained their original design.

The traditional long house, which accommodates several generations of the one clan, typifies the Ede ethnic minority group’s matriarchal structure. Whenever a woman from a house is married, the house is lengthened by one compartment.

There is a saying that compares an old house to the distance the sound of a gong travels, because when a gong is struck at one end of an old house its sound can barely be heard at the other end.

Cu Jut district is planning to promote tourism hotspots in the locality, including Bour hamlet.

Many traditional long houses in Bour hamlet in particular and in Dak Nong in general are falling in disrepair.

Preserving and conserving these houses of the Ede people will play an important role in maintaining traditional cultural values and in introducing a unique tourism product of the ethnic people in Dak Nong province./.