The race was also held to preserve and develop traditional sports, while creating an opportunity for athletes to meet and exchange experience.

It saw the participation of nine teams from across Kon Tum city and two from Ia H’Drai and Sa Thay districts, who competed in a 200-metre race and a 1,500-metre race.

First place in the 200-metre category went to A Kchol and A Khanh from Kroong commune in Kon Tum city, and to A Bluu and A Krai from Sa Binh commune in Sa Thay district in the 1,500-metre category.

Sa Binh commune won the prize for “Team with the highest number of dugouts”.

A dugout, a long and slim canoe hollowed out from a log or tree trunk, is built and used by several ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands to cross or travel along rivers and rapids. It has long played an important role in production activities in Kon Tum.

It is also said to hold great potential for developing local tourism, especially community-based tourism./.