Endangered animals to be protected in Quang Ngai, Dong Nai provinces hinh anh 1A Rhesus monkey (Macara Mulatta) in Quang Ngai province. (Photo: danviet.vn)

Quang Ngai (VNA) – The People’s Committee of central province of Quang Ngai has assigned the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to work with relevant agencies and localities for measures and a plan on preserving rare monkeys on Hon Tra Island in Binh Son district’s Binh Dong Commune.

To protect the 10 Rhesus monkeys (Macara Mulatta), rated as endangered and sighted living on the island, the department has asked relevant authorities and locals to prevent and refrain from acts that might harm the animals.

Ho Trong Phuong, director of the department, said in the long term, it is necessary to set up a project to conserve monkeys in combination with the development of the Hon Tra island eco-tourism site. Domestic and international wildlife conservation organisations should join hands in the work for local monkeys, he said.

Phan Van Dong, chairman of the Binh Dong commune People’s Committee, suggested planting more trees to ensure a natural environment for the animals.

Endangered animals to be protected in Quang Ngai, Dong Nai provinces hinh anh 2A black shanked douc langur on Chua Chan Mountain in Dong Nai province’s Xuan Loc district.(Photo: VNA)

In the southern province of Dong Nai, a community of 159-192  black shanked douc langurs (Pygathrix nigripes) has also been found living on Chua Chan Mountain in Xuan Loc district.

They belong to a group of endangered species that needs priority protection under Vietnamese regulations.

Over the past two years, the community had an addition of 35 individuals./.