The awards ceremony took place at the Việt Nam Cinema Association (VCA) in Hanoi on May 12.

Produced by the Vietnam Television Film Centre (VFC), the 85-episode series focuses on the life of a widower and his three daughters. It’s about love, friendship, honesty and betrayal and above all highlights family love.  

The series has become a local phenomenon and also won gongs at the VTV Awards 2019. 

Thanks to the success of the TV series, director Dũng received the award for Best Director.

VFC won big at the Golden Kite Awards with several other awards apart from the grand prize.

Ngọc Quỳnh and Hồng Diễm received Best Actor and Best Actress for their roles in Hoa Hồng Trên Ngực Trái (Rose on Left Side of Chest).

The awards for Best Actor and Best Actress went to Kiều Minh Tuấn in Anh Trai Yêu Quái (My Annoying Brother) and Cát Phượng in Hạnh Phúc Của Mẹ, respectively./.