The basic treatment process for fresh lychee exported to Japan consists of several steps, such as pre-processing, sterilisation, and packaging. All must meet importers’ requirements.

The sterilisation equipment system used has been thoroughly tested by Japanese experts.

During this year’s lychee crop, the Plant Protection Department set up three disinfection facilities to treat fresh lychee being exported to Japan.

With more than 100 ha and an estimated yield of 600 tons, along with technical systems the growing area has been prepared by lychee growers in accordance with stringent Japanese standards.

After working closely with Vietnamese technical experts, Japanese experts certified that the system meets all requirements.

Exporters have confidently revealed that, under this system, regardless of means of transport, be it sea or air, the fruit is fresh when it reaches Japanese consumers.

The first batch of one ton of lychee is scheduled to exported to Japan by air on June 19. Another four tons will be shipped by sea, in two weekly batches. Another 200 tons are expected to be exported to Japan this year./.