Friendship rice project helps raise income for Cambodian farmers hinh anh 1Cambodian Minister of Environment Say Samal visits IBIS Rice Conservation Co. Ltd (IBIS Rice). (Photo: MoE)

Phnom Penh (VNA) - Farmers in protected areas of Cambodia who participate in wildlife-friendly farming via the ‘Friendship Rice Project’ can expect an income boost for their wildlife organic crops, according to Khmer Times.

Recognising the need to raise farmers’ income, the Cambodian Ministry of Environment has called on more than 1,500 farmers living in protected areas to join and implement the ‘Friendship Rice Project’ by practising wildlife-friendly farming, conserving the habitat and the environment.

Khmer Times quoted Minister of Environment Say Samal as saying that wildlife-friendly farming helps increase high-quality crop yield that can fetch greater prices in the market.

The IBIS Rice Conservation Co. Ltd (IBIS Rice) cooperated with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) of Cambodia to promote the potential sector.

Farmers joining the project must commit to no logging, hunting or use of chemicals, thereby protecting the landscape and biodiversity.

Samal said farmers in protected areas should actively join this project to reap the benefits, especially in boosting their income./.