The Hanoi People's Council has adopted a resolution on preferential treatment for talented people who contribute to the capital's development.

According to the resolution passed at the Council’s seventh session, the city will draw up incentives aimed at high-performing university graduates, educators who make significant advances in student training as well as top class sports coaches, leading scientists and artists.

Depending on the types of beneficiaries, the incentives include immediate recruitment without the need for further testing, financial support 20 times more than the basic salary after recruitment and extra support for those renting or buying housing, in line with the Government and city's policies.

Furthermore, those who have had two years work experience would be given financial support to pursue post-graduate degrees either domestically or overseas.

The Hanoi People's Council began its seventh session on July 1 to discuss a number of issues, including a potential vote of confidence in 18 senior officials elected by the council.

In the first six months of this year, production levels in the city have risen and trade has posted a reasonable growth rate, albeit lower than the annual target.

The city's GDP was estimated to have risen by 7.6 percent during the period, lower than the original target of at least 8.0 percent. Meanwhile, the collection of taxes was lower than during the same period last year and fell well beneath forecasts.

In the near future, the city's businesses needed to introduce further measures to support the market, remove obstacles and develop production.-VNA