Hoa Binh’s festival, calendar recognised as national cultural heritage

An art programme and ceremony to mark the recognition of the traditional ‘Khai ha’ festival and ‘Doi’ calendar of the Muong ethnic people in Hoa Binh province as national intangible cultural heritage were held in the locality on July 31.

The art programme brought to the audience the images of beautiful nature, friendly people and cultural identity of Hoa Binh province that were staged through music and dance of local artists.

Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan said with its tradition, the Muong people have created many unique tangible and intangible cultural heritage, contributing to enriching the cultural treasures of 54 ethnic groups.

The fact that “Khai ha” (or going down the field) and “Doi” calendar, locally known as the bamboo calendar, were honoured as the national intangible cultural heritage associated with wet-rice agriculture, reflects a high level of development.

Nguyen Phi Long, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, said the recognition of the two national intangible heritage was the pride of the administration and people of Hoa Binh province, affirming that the province will be determined to preserve and promote the good traditional cultural values of the ethnic groups./.