Considered a living museum of history and architecture, over the years Hoi An has been a top global travel destination. The number of tourists visiting Hoi An is increasing rapidly, from nearly 100,000 in 1999 to more than 2.5 million in 2019. Hoi An now has over 600 accommodation facilities with more than 10 thousand rooms, ready to welcome more than 21,000 guests per day.

Tourism and services are considered key pillars of the locality’s economy, contributing more than 70% to local GDP, which is helping improve people’s living conditions. However, the rapid development is putting pressure on the old town, requiring an immediate solution.

The pressures, risks and challenges that come from population growth, urbanization, climate change, environmental pollution and infrastructure development have posed many problems in the management, preservation and promotion of Hoi An’s Cultural Heritage. Prof Hoang Dao Kinh believes that it is still possible to harmonize these conflicts in a suitable manner.

There are still many challenges, but a harmonious balance between conservation and development will be the key to the sustainable development of Hoi An towards the long-term goal of building an eco-cultural city./.