According to Prof. Pankaj JhaPankaj Jha, the economic growth of Vietnam has been accelerating and the agricultural sector has been productive in ensuring food security for Vietnamese citizens. This sector also earned valuable foreign exchange of more than 48 billion USD, the Indian professor added.

“One of the interesting achievements of Vietnam has been increasing life expectancy, and its universal health coverage which covers more than 87% of the population,” he said.

The professor said the Vietnamese population is also young and is adapting itself for digital economy and building core fundamentals for its membership in different regional economic organizations.

Vietnam’s inward foreign direct investment has also been doing quite well and it has received over 27.7 billion USD last year, he continued.

According to the professor, Vietnam’s impressive growth is attributable to trade liberalization, increased deregulation and improvement in the ease of doing business, investment in human resources and stable government./.