Jakarta (VNA) – Thirty-seven innovation projects of Indonesian students have won prizes at the 2018 Intellectual Property Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition (IPITEX) competition in Bangkok, Thailand.

Indonesian youngsters won 15 gold, seven silver and 15 bronze medals, a remarkable achievement that shows the country’s competitiveness in technology.

The IPITEX 2018 competition is held annually by the National Research Council of Thailand from February 2-6 with the participation of more than 30 countries and territories, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Republic of Korea, Japan, China, the Philippines, India, Iran, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Poland, Romania, the UK, Libyan, Russia, China’s Macao, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

More than 1,000 innovations from various categories such as engineering, agriculture, chemistry, biology, machinery, design and medicine competed at the event.-VNA