Indonesia reviews fighter project with RoK hinh anh 1RoK's F4 aircraft (Source: AFP)
Jakarta (VNA) - Indonesia is planning to renegotiate a programme with the Republic of Korea to develop the Korean Fighter Xperiment/Indonesia Fighter Xperiment (KFX/IFX) aircraft that was signed in 2016.

According to Brigadier General Totok Sugiharto, official spokesman of the Indonesian Ministry of Defence, the renegotiation is necessary to review the technological benefits that Indonesia is attaining through the programme.

“The renegotiation is necessary to make clear Indonesia’s gain from the programme as the project is financed with funds from the state budget,” Sugiharto said.

RoK Ambassador to Indonesia Kim Chang-beom said he has not yet received an official notice from the Indonesian side on this issue, saying that this is a long-term cooperation plan between the two countries which aims to help Indonesia become self-reliant in defence industry.

In January 2016, the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) announced that Indonesia signed an agreement worth 1.3 billion USD with the RoK to jointly develop the KFX/IFX aircraft.

Under the agreement, Indonesia is committed to pay for 20 percent of the total development costs of the KFX/IFX, which are estimated at about 8 billion USD. The RoK government will pay for 60 percent of the development programme, with the prime contractor KAI covering the remaining 20 percent.-VNA