Indonesian expert: Ideological education key to counter-terrorism hinh anh 1Anti-terrorist squads stand guard outside the bombing site at Santa Maria church in Surabaya, capital of Indonesia's East Java province, on May 13, 2018. (Photo: Xinhua/VNA)

Jakarta (VNA) Ideological education is the key to counter-terrorism, said Beni Sukadis, Programme Coordinator of the Indonesia Institute for Defense and Strategic Studies (Lesperssi), following a series of recent deadly terrorist attacks in Surabaya city, Indonesia.

Continued terrorist attacks indicate the alarming security situation in Indonesia although the country’s security forces have strengthened protective measures ahead the holy month of Ramadan, according to Sukadis.

The suicide bombings in Surabaya as well as a prison riot in Depok earlier this month were all related to extremist groups linked to the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) and it is particularly disturbing that terrorists in these cases are family members, including children.

The attackers have been impregnated with violent extremism and it is not easy to stop them, he noted, suggesting that though such extremist ideologies cannot be completely eliminated from society but it is possible to minimise them through socio-economic and educational measures and communications.

The expert believed that Indonesia should take comprehensive steps, covering a variety of aspects from socio-economic affairs, and education to communications. The most important is to educate children in families and at schools, he said, stressing on the significant role of parents, neighbours and the community.

Sukadis also voiced his support for the Indonesian Government’s move to adopt the Anti-terrorism Law and advised the government to enhance cooperation with ASEAN nations in counter-terrorism efforts as terrorism has become a regional issue.-VNA