Indonesia police shoot dead three attackers hinh anh 1Indonesian police tighten security (Source: aspistrategist)

Jakarta (VNA)Indonesian police shot dead three men who attacked the headquarters of the Riau province police on Sumatra island on May 16.
A policeman was also killed in the attack.

One of the dead men had a bomb strapped to his body and another attacked the police with a sword. The police arrested one of the attackers while four others were suspected to have fled the scene.

An internal report said that the men had driven their car into the police yard before getting out to stage the attack.

Several terrorism attacks happened in Indonesia over the past few days, just before the start of the Ramadan month.

On May 13, three Christian churches in Surabaya were hit by bombings, with the perpetrators identified to be members of a family, including four children aged nine to 18.

 The bombings were followed by a bomb explosion in an apartment building in East Java’s Sidoarjo town in the evening, which killed a mother and her 17-year-old son. The father was holding a trigger to another bomb when police arrived. He was shot dead before he could detonate.

 A family of five, including an eight-year-old girl, conducted the suicide bombing in front of police headquarters in Surabaya city on May 14.

 The use of children in terrorist plots, analysts say, represents a new and shocking development in Indonesia.

Indonesia raised security alert status to the highest level Major cities and regions in Indonesia, including Jakarta capital, Riau islands, East Java and Bali island, after the series of bomb attacks on May 13.

The United Nations Security Council has also issued a press statement condemning the latest series of bombings in Indonesia.-VNA