Indonesian ship monitors water border with Australia hinh anh 1Illustrative image. (Photo: Internet)

Jakarta (VNA)
– Indonesia has dispatched ship KM Orca 04 to monitor the country’s waters bordering Australia to prevent any intrusion by foreign vessels and illegal fishing activities in the area.

The monitoring covers the waters south of Rote Island and its surrounding areas, the ship captain, Eko Priyono, said on June 23.

He noted he had seen an Australian plane also patrolling its border when the ship was on its mission.

The crew from the two sides communicated with each other and everything went smoothly, with both sides honouring their respective patrolling activities, he added.

The patrolling was carried out at the same time with Indonesia’s operation against illegal fishing activities or those using aggregating devices, for example, bombs or poisons, that had disrupted the natural migration of fish in the East Nusa Tenggara waters.

After that, the KM Orca 04 will continue monitoring waters in Sabu Raijua, Sumba Island and Laut Sawu.-VNA