Sacha inchi, also known as the sacha peanut or mountain peanut, is native to both South America and Southeast Asia, and widely known for its significant economic effects. After five years of growing the crop, the northern province of Hoa Binh plans to expand its planting area for future harvests.

Inca JSC Vietnam has cooperated with households across 10 districts of Hoa Binh province to grow sacha inchi trees on a total area of 100 ha. After a year of pilot planting, it has been proven that 1.2 ha of sacha inchi plants can bring farmers over 3,300 USD.

Farmers expect the first year’s yield to reach up to 1.3 tonnes of dry nuts per hectare, with the figure tripling over the next three years. Average profit will also reach 6,400-8,600 USD per hectare each year.

With the initial success, Hoa Binh province plans to expand the growing area of sacha inchi in the coming time, while working with businesses to sustain a stable output for the farmers.-VNA